01 Jan 2020, 9:25am

Understanding Double Clutching

I’m coming up to One Year of driving a stickshift.

I’m pretty comfortable with it by now, but there are still some things I don’t entirely understand. Double-clutching is one of those things that I’d like to actually do better.

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31 Dec 2019, 6:57pm

The Double Progress Bar

You know what I miss?

The double progress bar.

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31 Dec 2019, 2:27pm

Mono CD ripping/burning in OS X

I know this is The End Of CDs1, but here’s a quick rundown on how to rip a CD in OS X, mix the stereo down to mono, then burn it back to a blank CD.

The speakers in my MR2 are so bad, I think it’ll help to run a mono mix through them (spoiler: it did help). Right now, they’re kind of hard to hear. Not that I want anything to drown out the engine2, I need that to drive.

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27 Dec 2019, 8:27am

Some Fragrance Ingredients

Here are some ingredients lists (!?) found on the bottom of cologne boxes:

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27 Dec 2019, 7:04am

The Absurdity of English Units

I think it speaks for itself; some of these are now historical1.

Just remember how hard it is to say millimeter and kilometer2, before proceeding:

English units

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